Papercups + Mattermost Integration

Papercups is an open-source live customer chat tool. We give you a highly customizable chat widget that lets you talk to your users directly.

We've been fans of Mattermost for a long time. Our core values align very well: we're both open-source, privacy-focused, developer-centric companies that believe in customer data ownership and the ability to self-host.

One of our most requested features so far has been an integration with Mattermost. This would make it possible to reply to messages from customers on your website directly from Mattermost.

After a couple weeks of hard work, we're excited to announce that the integration is now ready for use!

Why integrate live chat with Mattermost?

Faster response times and better customer support

Most developers hate having to go to another dashboard/website and learn a new UI. Being able to reply directly from a familiar workspace minimizes the friction to respond. This makes for much happier customers 🙂

Understand your customers

One advantage of having everything in a single channel is you can quickly scan through the conversations and get a sense of what people are asking for. Getting a pulse on customer sentiment is crucial to make your product better.

Your entire team can participate

Most of your team typically doesn't have any transparency into customer conversations. Linking these conversations to a channel in Mattermost gives your entire team visibility into what your customers are asking for.

Own all your customer data

With Papercups and Mattermost you can self-host everything so your data won't leave your servers. This makes it much easier to comply with GDPR and data sovereignty laws.

How to set it up

Ready to get started? Check out the docs at