Streamline communication with your customers

Coordinate and reply to messages over chat, email, Slack, and SMS. A privacy-focused, open-source alternative to Intercom, Drift, and Zendesk.

Our customers

One powerful dashboard

Streamline customer support and feedback with our feature-rich dashboard.

Reply from where you work

You can reply to conversations from Slack, our dashboard, or our mobile app. Remove the friction of having to log in to another dashboard.

Brand and customize your widget

Our widget is highly customizable. Change your color, greetings, text and more through our simple UI without needing any code.

Save your developers time

Papercups is open source and made with a developer in mind. We support HTML, React, React Native and Flutter integrations. Our integration takes minutes to setup and if you can't do it in minutes we'll hop on a zoom call and do it for you!

Papercups for Enterprise


Papercups can be deployed in your cloud, for painless adoption and onboarding. Whether it's AWS, Docker, or Heroku, we've got you covered.

Unlimited volume

Papercups is built with Elixir on top of BEAM for incredible scalability. This scalability extends to our open core pricing model.

Personalized support

We can manage your deployment on your infrastructure. Get the benefits of self-hosting with the reliability and scalability of the cloud.

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