Maintenance mode

As some of you might have seen Papercups is currently in maintenance mode for the past few months. We have decided after working on Papercups full time for a year and a half to pursue new ideas. The hosted version of Papercups will be up and running at least until 2023. There is no deprecation date for the hosted version. There will be no new major features in the near future. We will still provide bug fixes and maintenance until then. We will also be shipping an export customer data feature in case anyone wants to self host or migrate to another tool. We will continue to provide customer support for any paid customer and will provide at least 6 months before any deprecation warning occurs.

We want to be transparent as to what the state of Papercups is since many teams rely on it. Our main priority for Papercups is to make sure that we don’t let any of our users that depend on us for their day-to-day operations down. Papercups has been growing organically even as it has been in maintenance mode and we hope that it will continue to do so in the future. We won’t be shutting down Papercups anytime soon because we believe that Papercups is at a sweet spot right now for small teams that need a simple customer support tool that wants to avoid the complexity of Zendesk or Intercom We believe that teams will still find it useful but wanted to clarify any confusion with the lack of Github updates.

Papercups has been open sourced since day one and will continue to be open source. Once again thanks for the support for Papercups and special thanks for our GitHub community members that helped make Papercups into what it is today.

Posted on January 17, 2022

By Kam Leung